Beck's Hybrids Interactive Displays (2018)
Led the development, design, and management of interactive BrightSign displays and corporate digital signage across multiple properties. Worked internally with stakeholders to plan and design experiences for interactive facility tours, Beck’s Experience Center, and Purdue FarmHouse Fraternity.
• • •
Beck's Hybrids PFR Website (2017)
Liaison between creative and development departments on PFR website redesign and information architecture. Translated communication and challenges from one team to another, while also designing website assets for Bootstrap and troubleshooting HTML/CSS issues.
Beck's Hybrids underwent a full website redesign in February 2023, however, a snapshot of the PFR site can be found below.
• • •
Youtube SEo Strategy (2023)
I take an SEO approach to YouTube by utilizing Semrush, other keyword research tools, and Google/YouTube autocomplete to generate video ideas based on topical keyword phrases. 
As Director of Content, the Pacers Gaming YouTube channel has generated over 15 million views and 66,000 subscribers, larger than all other NBA 2K League team channels combined.
My design education business, Pixel & Bracket, has several monetized channels focusing on evergreen educational content and longtail search traffic. Altogether, the Pixel & Bracket main channel, Illustrator channel, Photoshop channel, and InDesign channel have accrued over 25 million views and 250,000 subscribers.
• • •
SEO-Driven Content Partnership Success (2021)
I was responsible for the sponsor concept and integration with Elgato as a Pacers Gaming partner. I used keyword research tools to identify highly-searched content gaps in the market. 
I then self-produced a 3-video series with SEO-optimized titles and descriptions that generated over 800k views, 700+ Elgato products sold, and 10x ROI.
• • •
Pixel & BRacket Content Site (2023)
Currently building out the content site with written tutorials. I utilize WordPress theme customization with HTML/CSS and monitor performance (3.5k clicks/mo) through Google Search Console and Google Analytics. 
I use Rank Math SEO to help structure and optimize posts. This site is experimenting with Google Adsense, and will transition to Ezoic display ads when the site design and content structure are complete.
• • •
Flippy Fin Mobile Game (2014)
Designed and shipped a mobile game on iOS in 2014 called Flippy Fin. It was a Flappy Bird-like game. I designed the illustrations, UI, gameplay experience, and user flow, while utilizing GitHub repository to work with the developer. 
It received over 1,000 downloads as a free app and was allowed to deprecate in 2019. A gameplay video can be found below.
• • •
Pacers Gaming Experimental Content Site (2022)
Spun up an experimental content site called NBA 2K Info in October 2022. This site was intentionally stripped back to be fast and content-first. 
Utilizing Semrush keyword research and Google/YouTube autocomplete methods, I worked with SMEs to frontload the site with 30+ articles. It is now generating 2.5k clicks/mo, monitored through Google Search Console.

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