What is Pixel & Bracket?
Pixel & Bracket LLC is a software and design education business with hundreds of videos across multiple YouTube channels, Skillshare courses, and written tutorials on pixelandbracket.com
Content Strategy
Video topics are identified through keyword research tools and search autocomplete methods to compile spreadsheets of title ideas. I've honed the tutorial creation process to be efficient and provide value to the viewer quickly. 
Using this SEO-based approach, I'm able to drive organic search traffic over time, creating a stable library of evergreen content.

YouTube Search and External (Google Search) sources dominate the traffic inflow. Example from P&B Illustrator channel.

Youtube channels
Pixel & Bracket as a brand has branched out into multiple YouTube properties to consolidate audience segments and better serve subscribers.
Pixel & bracket youtube channel
The main Pixel & Bracket channel has over 225,000 subscribers and 25 million views. Content has evolved over the years from Adobe tutorials to Figma and web design.
• • •
P&B Illustrator youtube Channel
The Pixel & Bracket Illustrator channel has 100+ videos published, 15,000+ subscribers, and over 1.2 million views.
• • •
P&B photoshop youtube channel
The Pixel & Bracket Photoshop channel has 50+ videos published, 5,500+ subscribers, and over 250,000 views.
• • •
P&B indesign youtube channel
The Pixel & Bracket InDesign channel has 50+ videos published, 3,500+ subscribers, and over 150,000 views.
Both hardware and software setups have changed over time. Currently, I'm using the following to build content for Pixel & Bracket:
Hardware - Elgato Wave DX Dynamic XLR Mic, Elgato Wave XLR Interface, Apple Silicon Macbook Pro, Apple Studio Display
Software - OBS, Screen Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Semrush, Microsoft Excel, Google Workspace, Wordpress
Website Content
The Pixel & Bracket website is now home to written tutorial content. I'm building it out as a content site and experimenting with an ad-based monetization strategy. 
The site itself is a work-in-progress, however, it has been able to generate over 5,000 visitors per month and continues to grow.

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